Budapest's English Musical Theater

“[Peter] has a gift and we are so lucky to have [him] here in BP” -Melissa E.


Areas of acting study may include:

  •   Sense memory
  •   Emotional recall
  •   Monologue and scene study
  •   Character development/breakdown
  •   Film/Theater/Musical audition technique
  •   Cold readings
  •   Integration of movement into character

*Lessons and workshop services currently provided by Schüller Péter EV

“I have genuinely learned so much in such a short period of time, from [him] being my voice teacher, to .... drama and acting” -G.M.

"Though I am somewhat of a perfectionist, the atmosphere I cultivate in my lessons in one of acceptance and constructive growth. I prefer to create a positive environment in which it is ok to ask questions or make mistakes. Many of my students have commented that I make learning fun, and that they have learned more because of it. For my older students, I take great pride in helping them become better performers and feel that I can communicate the more complicated mechanisms of technique in a clear and understandable way. Through my instruction I have seen students blossom with confidence and accomplishment, not only at learning something new, but also in doing it well."

“He is an outstanding music instructor whom I recommend highly.” -Rafael S.

“I now have a nearly 3-octave range and have never sung with more ease in my life!”  -Jill F.

“I never thought when I started that I could ever sing like this!” -Justin D.

Specializing in the bel-canto, or beautiful singing, method of vocal technique, tenor Peter Schuller established himself as a highly regarded vocal instructor in Southern California before relocating to Budapest, where he has continued a standard of excellence.

Bel-canto technique allows for the release of strain and tension, by engaging the breath support within proper registration to create sound with a pleasant, sweet timbre. Posture and resonance are also integrated and emphasized. This fundamental technique applies to all genres of music and allows for an ease of vocal production that improves enjoyment and quality of sound. Through this, a sense of confidence allows for effortless and commanding performance. Gradually, with an increased flexibility and innate control of the voice, a natural musicality and consistent tonal retention will develop.

For those students who would like to focus on acting, Peter introduces techniques established by the great Stanislovsky and Meisner; using an integrated approach that combines personal experience with truth in delivery. Character development, scene study, monologues and movement are explored, with an emphasis on creating "real" performances.

Areas of voice study may include:

  •   Vocal technique
  •   Musicianship
  •   Ear-training and sight-singing
  •   Rhythm
  •   Music history
  •   Multi-lingual diction
  •   Theory