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There can be quite thorough discussions on the thought of what makes art “great”. What separates life-changing experiences with those of similar caliber, but no great emotional impact? The answer lies in spirit. The care of how performing artists imbue their soul into a piece and character gives substance to how it resonates in our own psyche. It does not matter if the manifestation of the viewer’s attitudes match those of the performer, merely the fact that an exquisite performance can be the catalyst for such a visceral reaction achieve the goal of high art and expression. The entire process takes place in a manner of moments and is incredibly personal, yet ascribes to the potential of each of us towards some exceptional and communal state of being. We are allowed a precious honesty by looking at a moving depiction of experience. It can only be faced alone, even among many, without barriers or social influences. It speaks to us within the most cherished ideals of our hearts and resonates with our deepest feeling. That is what makes art “great”.

-Peter Schuller

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